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It is said that "Diablo 2" Remaster is under development




Emily Gera
Sunday, May 10, 2020, GMT

According to reports, Activision ’s subsidiary Vicarious Visions is a long-rumored remake of Diablo II, which is the manufacturer of Crash Bandicoot reprint editor N. Sane Trilogy

This is based on the report of the French publication Actu Gaming (via PC Gamer), the editor of this publication Previous correct prediction Before the release of "Diablo 4," "Land of Shadows" and "Overwatch 2", they will be officially released at Blizzcon 2019.

This is surprising considering the news we just heard last year. During ExileCon 2019, series creators Max Schaefer, Erich Schafer and David Brevik revealed how they lost the entire source code of Diablo 2.

"Not only our code, but all our assets," Max Schaefer said at the time. "Irreverently, corrupt fatally."

"Everything has disappeared," Schaefer's other brother Erich added. "We should have a backup, but ignored it. We spent a whole day or two in panic."

Although the team was able to complete Diablo 2 by obtaining a large amount of code from various versions and snippets obtained by developers at home, the original source code is still missing, including countless artworks. Erich Schaefer added: "This will make it difficult for Blizzard to repair Diablo 2, because all the assets we use are gone." "They have to start from scratch."

At the same time, while we waited for official confirmation, a refitter put their hat on the ring with his Diablo 2 product. Last month, modder Ram released his own full remake of the game made in Crate Entertainment's Grim Dawn. This mod called "Terrorist Reign" is a complete remake of ARPG (instead of a 1: 1 copy), including all content and categories in the original "Diablo 2" and its expanded "King of Destruction".

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