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It is still years before we have new details of The Elder Scrolls VI, says Bethesda



It's been almost nine years since it came out Skyrim, the fifth installment of the veteran RPG saga The Elder Scrolls, and two since its sequel was announced, The Elder Scrolls VI. When it was revealed at E3 2018 we knew it was going long. Much more than we thought.

Pete Hines, head of marketing and communications at Bethesda, has been asked by a Twitter user about this highly anticipated new title. Some details, or at least, when we can find out more. Hines did not go around with little girls and expressed it as clear as water: It's still years before we know anything about The Elder Scrolls VI.

It goes after Starfield, a game you still know next to nothing about. So if you want me to offer you details now and not in a few years, I will not be able to meet your expectations.

It is true that we could glimpse something, since when it was officially announced it was only done through a generic teaser and a logo

. However, it is surprising that almost two years have passed and we still do not even know anything about Starfield, a game that was announced at the same time and that, as Hines says, will be released before the new one Elder Scrolls.

Bethesda titles are always huge, that's for sure. They are not made in just a couple of years, much less if they are intended for the next generation of consoles, as they confirmed at the time. Will 2020 be the year we finally see some of Starfield at least? It seems unlikely, since the company has announced that he will not hold his usual conference every year, not even digitally. Still, hope is never lost.

Unfortunately, fans of The Elder Scrolls they will have to settle for continuing to play Skyrim in each new version that will come out for a long time. Or with The Elder Scrolls Online, who is more alive than ever.

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