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Iwind is suitable for electric bikes: filtered heated forest air for cyclists




Mask replacement

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It is recommended to use Iwind instead of mask. The gadget is designed to blow filtered heated air into the face of electric bicycles and bicycles. An advantage compared to face masks is that the glasses do not fog up.

Iwind should provide fresh and clean air for cyclists.

Iwind should provide fresh and clean air for cyclists. (Source: Kickstarter)

Anyone who rides an electric bike or bicycle during peak hours will quickly want to go elsewhere. In addition to the common dangers lurking in road traffic, the most important thing is that exhaust gas can quickly destroy the demand for environmentally friendly transportation. The Iwind project has at least begun to improve cyclists' breathing. Joggers should also benefit from it.

Lecture: Iwind

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Iwind is said to be 99.9% of cyclists and joggers …
(Source: Kickstarter)

This gadget looks a lot like a science fiction novel, it consists of two parts. The main unit is fixed to the rear of the helmet by means of magnets and accommodates the necessary technology. The system is said to be compatible with most common helmet models.

Warm forest air and built-in LED tail lights

The manufacturer houses the easily replaceable filter element as well as the battery and fan at the rear. The filter is coated with silver ions, so it can kill bacteria. According to the manufacturer, all particles larger than 0.4 microns in the air should be filtered out. The description says: "Like the air in the forest."

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The air cleaned in this way is transmitted through a gooseneck to the mouthpiece, which delivers the air flow to the driver. If necessary, ceramic components can even warm the air on cold days. Then, the battery life was reduced from nine hours to about six and a half hours. Practical: Another function of the system is to provide built-in LED tail lights.

Optional mask provides better protection

Of course, the outgoing air may mix with ambient air. Therefore, the manufacturer provides a tight-fitting face mask for cyclists traveling in particularly busy places, compatible with the system. Joggers should also be able to wear it.

Price and availability

Iwind is a Kickstarter project that will last until mid-June. This is the provider's first project. Currently, masks start at US $ 64. Later, prices are expected to rise by 32%. It is planned to deliver the finished gadgets in September 2020. If you prefer pedestrians, you should check out the first mobile air cleaner.

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2020 electric bike innovation

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