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Ken Imaizumi confirmed to leave Kojima Productions to join Tencent Europe



At the end of last year we knew that Ken Imaizumi, one of the founders of Kojima Productions alongside Hideo Kojima, had more than likely decided to leave the company. Now it has been confirmed that it was and that, in fact, it has been integrated into the structure of the Chinese giant Tencent.

Twenty years working with Kojima

Then there was talk of disagreements between Imaizumi and several of the board members from Kojima's study. While the reasons for his departure have not been clarified, it has been confirmed that he is no longer on Kojima's team.

Imaizumi has integrated, after two decades of working closely with Kojima, and general producer of Death stranding, in the European branch of Tencent, whose main headquarters are in the city of Amsterdam.

To this must be added that he had been working, in his years at Konami, in all installments of the saga Metal gear

since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in 2001 and was the producer of the last deliveries, including Metal Gear Rising and The Phantom Pain.

Tencent and its investments in multiple companies in the sector

Tencent Europe supervises the operations in this territory of the Chinese giant: the company not only has an estimated value in mark of almost 500,000 million dollars, but has made investments of different depth in more than 800 different companies

. It is the second largest Asian company.

She is the owner of Riot Games, has 40% of Epic Games and its shareholding is highly relevant in companies such as Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard or Bluehole, among others. It collaborates with Nintendo for the distribution of Nintendo Switch in China and has significant investments in other sectors as well.

Among his latest investments is take 10% of Sumo Group and a strong investment in the Japanese studio Platinum Games to finance new projects (in this case, an operation without purchase of shares). In addition, among its potential acquisition targets is Funcom, of which it already owns 29%.

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