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Legend of Runeterra: A new expansion has appeared



Legend of Runeterra: A new expansion has appeared

Riot Games has announced that this very afternoon it will launch “The Call of the Mountain” in Legends of Runeterra (LoR), a new expansion of the card game set in the League of Legends universe. The call of the mountain incorporates the new region of Targon and 89 collectible cards, including seven champions and a variety of new features and content for all aspects of the game. It will be available worldwide from 19:00 CEST on PC, Android or iOS.

The call of the mountain explores new borders with the incorporation of Targon, a completely new region that the players will be able to explore and to add to their collections. In this enormous mountain, cosmic beings yield their power to mortals, astral dragons rise above the firmament and tribes of faithful ones give themselves in body and soul to the sun, the moon and the stars. Targon and The Call of the Mountain feature 7 new League of Legends universe champions including Leona, Diana, Taric and Aurelion Sun. In addition, they introduce six new game mechanics that offer completely new strategies and twists for the usual tactics.

“Call of the Mountain gives us a wonderful opportunity to explore new areas of the LoL universe and update the LoR gaming experience by giving players new ways to experience an ever-evolving spectrum of strategies that are always challenging,” said Shawn Main, head of the Call of the Mountain set. “We hope players will love their first experience with Targon, where they will discover new decks and ways to renew the classics.

The Call of the Mountain marks the beginning of the new LoR calendar, which will see new cards released every two months, and the start of a set of three expansions that explore Targon. The next two expansions will arrive in October and December and each will include 40 collectible cards (including three champions).

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