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Lidl ’s Monsieur Cuisine Plus costs 99 euros: is it worth buying?




Lidl Deal Days offers

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Lidl will launch the kitchen machine Monsieur Cuisine Plus on Lidl Deal Day from May 18 for only 99 euros. Thermomix cloning has never been so cheap. But is it still worth buying a model that is now four years old?

From May 18th, Lidl will once again hold "Lidl Deal Days" in its online stores and branches. As part of this plan, the discount store will provide an attractive offer for Monsieur Cuisine Plus kitchen machinery. Lidl's Thermomix clone is only 99 euros. Food processors have never been so cheap. Recently, Lidl sold the model in its online store for 179 euros.

So the price is good, but should you strike? After all, Monsieur Cuisine's plus model has a history of nearly four years, and Monsieur Cuisine Connect has emerged as a successor. We believe that the purchase is still worth it. Monsieur Cuisine Plus has almost all the functions of the successor. Among other things, you must have no touch screen. However, considering the price, it should be painful.

Mr. Gourmet Plus "Width =" 860 "Height =" 645 "Category =" Reset


Mr. Gourmet Plus

  • 10 optional cooking functions

  • 2.2 liter capacity

  • Comprehensive scale

  • Power: cooking function: about 1,000 watts; mixing: about 800 watts

Monsieur Cuisine Plus convinced us in the test and scored 7.8 points out of 10. Among other things, we used a food processor to bring up raw vegetable salad in just eight seconds, and also used the device to manage smoothies with frozen fruits and risotto. Amateur chefs will find reliable assistants for daily kitchen life in the equipment.

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