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Mark Hamill can be Vesemir in the series of The Witcher on Netflix after the huge popular request




The Witcher It has been one of the fantasy classics that has recently arrived on the small screen thanks to the Netflix platform making it a worldwide success. The books of Andrzej Sapkowski they have inspired great adaptations in videogames and also this series that has been starred by Henry Cavill for one of the most viewed streaming platforms of the moment.

For Netflix this series of The Witcher It has become one of its most acclaimed content of the past 2019 being a resounding success managing to shoot the sales of the video game and being one of the most viewed series of the platform with only one season.

Already the second season is announced for April 2021

and the followers are eager to see their favorite sorcerer again end the monsters that stumble in their way. However, several key characters of Sapkowski's books will arrive for this new season and one of them will be Vesemir.

mark hamill
Concept art of @spdrmnkyxxiii

And that's not all, according to the medium We Got This Covered, Netflix I would have proposed the role to Mark hamill, who was the actor who played the legendary Luke Skywalker in the saga of Star wars

to interpret Vesemir who is the mentor of Geralt of Rivia in the books.

For now has not been confirmed that the actor has accepted the role, so we have to wait for the platform or the actor to confirm this rumor.

For now we can only wait for many more details about what will be this next season of The Witcher that promises a great story with new wizards and characters from the books and a lot of action behind the sword of Henry Cavill.


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