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Metroid Prime 4: Battlefield, Tomb Raider and Borderlands artists join Retro Studios (05/11/2020)




The project of Metroid Prime 4 it does not stop receiving signings: if during these months we have been seeing how Retro Studios hired designers from Lucky's Tales and Crysis 3, to the artistic director of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and even the chief designer of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, today we have known the news that three new artists in the industry They have joined the ranks of the team that works for Nintendo.

New special effects artists join Retro Studios

On this occasion, as reported by VGC, they have been Adad Morales, Bryan Erck and Nicholas Wilson who have started working on the long-awaited new video game by Samus Aran. These three people are known to have worked in Battlefield hardline, Shadow of the Tomb Raider

and Borderlands 3, respectively: specifically all three are specialized in special effects like explosions, lasers or fire.

We also learned last October that Retro Studios had hired Kyle Hefley, a veteran designer who had worked on Halofocusing mainly on the aspect of the Spartans: Since the end of 2019, he went to work for Retro Studios with the aim of giving shape and color to the science fiction universe of Metroid Prime 4.

While we are getting to know details of the people who join Retro Studios to work in Metroid Prime 4, the ins and outs of this new game in the saga are still a mystery

. Since its announcement and after the restart of its development, we have been able to see little more than the logo of the game, without a hint of gameplay, or cinematics, or any kind of clue that sheds light on why we should go. Metroid Prime 4. That's precisely why it is obvious that neither Nintendo nor Retro Studios have yet set a release date for the game.. The only thing we know at the moment is that come out on Nintendo Switch.


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