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Microsoft Fligh Simulator closed beta coming mid-July




Microsoft Flight Simulator has been open to a select group of players for a few months through its alpha phase, from which incredible captures of its graphic section have come out, but aims to open to new users next summer with a closed beta version. The developer Asobo Studio, creators of A Plague Tale: Innocence has shared the development roadmap for the coming months.

According to official Web of the game, the beta version of Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive in mid-July, although two new alpha builds are expected before, dated for the beginning and end of June, respectively. The latest alpha version of the game arrived on schedule, so it is not expected that there will be too many variations on this date, something difficult to predict lately due to the coronavirus.

Microsoft Fligh Simulator closed beta coming mid-July

Those responsible for the game have not shared details planned for beyond the month of July, so it remains to be entirely clear the launch of the game. For the moment, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still scheduled for 2020 for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Considering that the first beta version comes out in the middle of summer, there is still room to be optimistic and that we can see it in the market in the coming months.


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