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Miles Morales is an expansion with remaster for PS5



Miles Morales is an expansion with remaster for PS5

The doubts had logic. With the announcement of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, many users wondered if what was being shown was a new installment really or something different, especially seeing how Insomniac also signs the new Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Now Sony has stepped forward to claim that the Miles episode is a standalone expansion, coming along with a Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster for PlayStation 5.

In some statements offered to Telegraph, Sony Interactive Entertainment explains, in the mouth of Simon Rutter, the situation with this new title. «You could call it expansion and improvement of the original game»

Rutter explains when talking about Spider-man: Miles Morales. “There is a fairly substantial Miles Morales component, which is expansion, but there are also significant improvements to the game and its engine, obviously taking advantage of some of the functions and technological advances of PlayStation 5,” stresses that of the company to clarify a bit. what we can expect from this release, which has relaunch overtones.

marvels spider-man
Marvel’s Spider-Man could be offered for free on the Playstation Plus in June

A strategy they have designed to try to teach easily «How family games could change to a certain extent thanks to PlayStation 5». The Insomniac Games game has already served to show the potential of the new console's SSD hard drive, and now it will come with a remaster who will come accompanied by this independent chapter to learn more about Miles Morales. A launch that has a clear purpose: to prepare the ground for a second installment that will take longer than we thought last night. Spider-Man: Miles Morales arrives this year 2020 exclusively for PS5.

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