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Mysterious F-Zero Twitter account discovered



Mysterious F-Zero Twitter account discovered

Earlier this week, a Twitter account associated with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario visibly created by Nintendo was discovered by Internet users. The thing has just happened again, and this time there has been talk of a dormant license for a very long time.

Obviously, creating an F-Zero Twitter account does not necessarily precede the imminent announcement of a new game in the series. Companies and other brands regularly reserve Twitter accounts that they do not use so that they do not get blocked if they decide to use the names of these accounts one day (or not to see the name of one of their products associated with an unofficial account). But that possibility should not be totally rejected either.

The site VGC reports discovering the Twitter account “@FZeroJP“cr last March. As with the “@ SuperMario35th” account, “this F-Zero account is currently” protected, “which means that ordinary people cannot view it. And as with the Mario account, the email address associated with that account appears to be a Nintendo address.

VGC further explains that this email address appears to be almost identical to that used by various official Japanese Twitter accounts of Nintendo games such as Smash Bros. or Splatoon.

FYI, F-Zero was not allowed, despite the repeated requests for a certain “Julo,” a new episode since F-Zero Climax released on Game Boy Advance in 2004.

Would you like Nintendo to take a closer look at the F-Zero case? Do you think that the creation of this account hides a coming announcement? Can this series bring something in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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