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New Horizons advances the return of the Giroides




Those wooden tubes with eyes and mouths that make music may be back. The Giroides, objects very present in the Animal Crossing saga, seem to be putting Course to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The popular Nintendo Switch video game, which was recently updated, once again points to its return, although this time not thanks to data mining, but to its official English guide.

The publication, as well collects GameXplain In video, it refers to the Giroides in general, without specifying in the figure of the one that appears when paying for both bridges and ramps that you want to place on your island. An advance that coincides with the leak pointed out long ago

, after exploring the game's source code following a patch. Yes, that same occasion in which the arrival of diving was anticipated, among other interesting questions.

We will have to wait for Nintendo to move, although seeing the success of its game, it is predictable that they will give it tons of content in the coming months or even years. ACNH plans a summer update

that incorporates even more novelties, and among them there may be these gyroids that will make us listen to music after rescuing them on rainy days. Will you hide any more surprises under your arm? We will find out when they arrive.

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