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Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros



Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros

Since the first world Super Mario Bros Many changes have taken place in Mario: 35 years after the title was issued in Japan, heroes with red hats are now also competing Nintendo Switch Starring in many games.

In a video presentation about the 35th anniversary Super Mario Bros Today, Nintendo announced a series of new games, new products and new events around the beloved hero. Nintendo fans can look forward to the well-known game released for the first time Nintendo Switch appear: Super Mario 3D All-Star Provides three revised versions of modern Super Mario classics Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine with Super Mario Galaxy. In the new online multiplayer title Super Mario Bros. 35 In the game world of “Super Mario Bros.”, 35 players compete with each other. versus Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Originally used for Wii U Published Super Mario 3D World.

The presentation also revealed various other products that will be released this year, which will provide an exciting Super Mario experience: Mario Kart: Live Tournament Control the fan by Nintendo Switch A real kart, turning your living room into a Mario Kart-Race track. Super NES game set Super Mario All Stars, Available to all members Nintendo Switch online Available, allowing players to immerse themselves in four classic Mario games. Also appeared in Game and watch: Super Mario Bros. A small portable game device with the style of the famous Game&Watch system. This contains games Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Level And the Mario version of the Game&Watch game ball. Mario fans can also celebrate anniversaries with various interesting events in other Nintendo games: for example, in Splatoon 2 A special Super Mario-Splatfest.

Anyone who is curious can watch the full presentation at

Highlights at a glance:

  • Super Mario 3D All-Star Game: Three modern Super Mario-Classic collection: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine with Super Mario Galaxy Appeared in the target Nintendo Switch. All games have higher resolution and have been redesigned to give players a particularly smooth gaming experience Nintendo Switch provide. Super Mario 3D All-Star It also includes an integrated music player mode through which players can listen to their favorite works of the three games at any time even if the console is in standby mode. Super Mario 3D All-Star
    Will be released exclusively on September 18th for Nintendo Switch-family. The physical version of the game is only available in a limited edition, while the digital version will only be available on the Nintendo eShop until the end of March 2021. Mario fans can pre-order the game here from today.
  • Mario Kart Live: Home run: Nintendo and Velan Studios brought Mario Kart: Live Tournament Concentrated racing fun Mario Kart-Enter the real world. Player: wake yourself up Nintendo Switch Either Nintendo Switch Lite A real kart can live and challenge each other and participate in exciting races. The kart will react to events in the game: when the speed increases, the kart will accelerate, and if the player is hit by an item in the game, the kart will stop. When designing the track, players can let their creativity freely play: before the game starts, they create their own track by using the gate as a waypoint. inside Grand Prix Mode Racers can compete with Koopalinge to unlock new design options for Mario and Luigi's tracks and clothing. You can also play fierce matches with up to three other players in the local multiplayer mode. Mario Kart: Live Tournament It will be available in Mario or Luigi models from October 16th.
  • Games and Watches: Super Mario Bros.: Retro lovers can expect pure nostalgia because this new collector’s item is Game and watch
    -Imitate the game consoles of the 1980s, with total global sales of 43 million US dollars. Original Handheld system Each game contains a game and can also be used as a clock. Game and watch: Super Mario Bros. The classic design is extended with a modern control panel. Including games Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Level (In Japan Super Mario Bros. 2 And a special Mario version Game and watchgame ball. In addition, it also provides a digital clock with 35 interesting details and performances by Mario and his friends. Game and watch: Super Mario Bros. Will be released on November 13.
  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Cat Mario and his friends are now also raising funds Nintendo Switch Become a colorful adventure. Initial revision Wii U Published Super Mario 3D World Allow players to experience the fun of multiplayer cooperation on various fancy levels both locally and online. What other new content the game will provide will be announced in the future. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Will be released on February 12, 2021, Nintendo Switch. At the same time, Cat Mario and Cat Peach will also be new Amibo-The figures can be double loaded.
  • Super Mario Bros. 35: Welcome to the Super Mario Bros. Team, with 35 players participating! In this online game, 35 opponents compete with each other to become the last Mario player to win the game. The defeated opponent is sent to the level of the other players-but the reverse also works. To stay in the game, players can use useful items. Super Mario Bros. 35 Is exclusively provided in digital form from October 1st to Nintendo Switch online Can be broadcast until March 31, 2021.
  • Super Mario All-Star Game: This super NES classic collection includes remastered Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Level, Super Mario Bros. 2 with Super Mario Bros. 3 With improved 16-bit graphics. As of today, this collection is open Nintendo Switch online Available!
  • Super Mario events: Numerous activities to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its founding Super Mario Bros instead:
    • September 9-22 will be Mario Kart Tour A special super Mario Kart tourMario (SNES) and King Kong (SNES) meeting event Super Mario Kart Give honor.
    • During the year, the My Nintendo store will also have 35-year-old Super Mario items and products.
    • Player: Inside Super Mario Maker 2 You can participate in the anniversary design of Ninji Speedrun in November.
    • Same in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition Celebrating anniversaries: In November and December, an online game is about fighters: the interiors, stages and objects of the Super Mario series.
    • In January 2021, Inklinge and Oktolinge can participate in Splatoon 2 Answer the following questions: Which product of Super Mario is better-Super Mushroom or Super Star? The matching key ring will be provided as a My Nintendo reward before Splatfest. My Nintendo store will also provide special Splatfest T-shirts.
    • The furniture in Super Mario design will be in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Available.
  • More Super Mario products: In addition to these activities, various products designed by Super Mario are now available.
    • Exclusive Super Mario Celebration From Hasbro It is now available in stores worldwide.
    • Children joy-Super Mario themed products are currently available.
    • of Lego Nintendo Entertainment System-Set is now only in Lego blocks-Find a store. Various Lego Super MarioSets are available worldwide, including Mario Starter Set Adventure.

Nintendo will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. through various games, products and events. Therefore, fans can look forward to colorful celebrations.

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