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Nintendo reportedly asked developers to make 4K compatible games



Nintendo reportedly asked developers to make 4K compatible games

There have been rumors for some time that Nintendo is preparing a technically updated (read: more powerful) Switch model. However, things seem to be accelerating for several days and the sources are becoming more and more serious.

The rumor of the day comes from the very serious site Bloomberg and his journalist Takashi Mochizuki. In an article referring to a further increase in the quantities of Switch produced, the latter evokes preparations at Nintendo of an improved model of Switch and a catalog of enhanced games for 2021.

And about the one we call dj “Switch Pro

the article claims that several external Nintendo developers who testified on condition of anonymity said that Nintendo asked them to make 4K compatible games.

If the detailed characteristics of this new Switch have not yet leaked, these testimonies, if they are quite authentic, indicate that an increase in the resolution of games is being considered by Nintendo. And to achieve such a result, it will obviously be necessary to offer hardware that is significantly more powerful than that of the current Switch.

When Nintendo releases a more powerful console, which will certainly be this “Switch Pro, “It will be interesting to see if the games that will exploit its increased power will also be compatible with the original Switch (the way of games coming out in the same packaging on Xbox One and Xbox Series X for example).

The Kyoto firm declined to comment on the information Bloomberg has available. The existence of the “Switch Pro“has not yet been confirmed. According to rumors, its release is scheduled for next year.

Do you find this rumor credible? Would you be interested in a more powerful Switch? Do you think the “Switch Pro” games will be compatible with the original Switch? Tell us all in the comments below.

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