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Nintendo Switch 2: system in 2021, possibly with 4K graphics, and new games



Nintendo Switch 2: system in 2021, possibly with 4K graphics, and new games

Nintendo Switch 2 is the successor to the Switch that many fans are waiting for. The new note indicates that the release date is later than expected.

Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch Pro

One New model Should be early this year 2021 It seems that Taiwanese newspaper “Economic Daily” quoted Nintendo's supply chain insiders as reporting on the “marginal market” of business portals. Does this indicate Nintendo Switch 2?

Not too possible. Nintendo Switch did not come out until 2017, and it would be too early to release a follow-up product. Nintendo has announced that it will extend the “life cycle” of current game consoles, which is underst andable: After all, the Switch is very popular.

You still need to find a real console successor Wait until 2024 Even longer. If the above rumors come true and there are indeed new changes, the following products are more likely to be released:

Possible new switch 4 models

  • Easy hardware updates for Nintendo Switch
  • Easy hardware updates for Nintendo Switch Lite
  • More sophisticated Nintendo Switch Pro

In 2019, Nintendo released a new version of Nintendo Switch with longer battery life. Nintendo Switch Lite has also been released, which is a cheap model with a permanently connected Joy-Con. One of these products may undergo a hardware upgrade.

The more adventurous one is Nintendo Switch Pro, and rumors have been circulating on the Internet. This kind of game console with greatly upgraded hardware may be particularly attractive to core gamers who want smoother frame rates and higher resolution. Nvidia's post even recommends such an upgrade.

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