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Nvidia Adds Five New RTX Worlds, Trailer




As we know, the RTX on Minecraft is a new breath for the game. However, given that it is a beta, the current content was a little light. This is why the Greens have added 5 new worlds to the game.

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5 new worlds Minecraft RTX are now available for 5 types of experience, listed below:

  • Hilltop Lifestyle RTX by PearlescentMoon: From the creator of Color, Light and Shadow RTX of the first versions, Hilltop Lifestyle RTX is a survival situated in a new outdoor map using numerous concepts, advances and features demonstrated in ray tracing and its display case. texture based on physics.
  • Egg Hunt by Feed The Beast: Located in the depths of the basement, Egg Hunt is a new stand-alone mini-game featuring a mysterious cave filled with puzzles, rods, secrets and challenges
  • Medieval RTX by Aurelien_Sama: Medieval RTX is a survival game that features an idyllic medieval village nestled under an ancient ruin, with the rays of the setting sun shining through the city.
  • The Dark Village RTX by Wyld: The Dark Village RTX is a survival replica set in an abandoned village. Beneath this village is the kingdom of hidden horrors. Players will follow the quest, solve interactive puzzles, discover secrets and experience p-ray shadows
  • The Observer RTX by IamSp00n: Classified as an adventure, The Observer RTX is a world that begins deep underground. The player explores his new environment, discovering the mysteries of the vault in which he is locked.

Obviously each of them allows to highlight a part of the RTX. One plays on the shadows, the other on the rays of light …

As always, the before / after video system is still just as impressive (see above).


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