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Oblivion player spends 616 years in prison




You might not see it, but this oblivion bar is well over 600 years old and has spent most of it in jail. You might not see it, but this oblivion bar is well over 600 years old and has spent most of it in jail.

There are always strange experiments with which video games can be made absurd. For example: How much time can you actually spend in prison in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion?

The answer is: apparently quite a lot. Because a player now has to write and write in such a strange experiment 225,000 days in the Oblivion prison sat. This corresponds to a little more than 616 years ago.

As he demonstrates via his Twitter account, the User named UESP_net (who also looks after the Patreon account “The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page”) thereby lost almost all of his character skills, but none of his youthful face.

How can you stay in jail for so long? As a reason for his original arrest in the game, the player jokingly names “junk” in the Twitter comments. Immediately afterwards, however, he explains that he has simply manually set his bounty to the maximum, because in Oblivion 100 pieces of bounty correspond to a day that you have to sit in prison.

This experiment becomes really absurd when you look at the bigger one Time calculation of the Elder Scrolls universe looks at. Because Oblivion takes place in 433 of the third era. After his 600-year prison sentence, the player landed in 1050.

With that he would have missed a lot, because officially The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is playing almost 200 years after the events in Oblivion, i.e. in 201 the fourth era. Because the protagonist of the game was in jail and therefore simply did not trigger all the important story events, the lands of Tamriels should still be afraid of the Daedra princes in 1050 of the third era according to the new era.

How much time can still pass in Oblivion? However, 600 years is far from the end of the era that can be bridged in The Elder Scrolls 4. Because in another tweet UESP_net shows a screenshot in which he has already traveled to 106,392 of the third era, i.e. more than 100,000 years into the future.

What is currently happening in the world of TES? We are waiting for the news about The Elder Scrolls 6, even if Bethesda recently announced that we have to wait years for the next information about TES 6. The new Greymoor DLC will start in The Elder Scrolls Online at the end of May and will take us to the cold lands of Himmelsrand aka Skyrim.


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