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Overwatch will celebrate its fourth anniversary starting May 19




The special anniversary event of Overwatch, which will commemorate the four years that have passed since its premiere, will take place from May 19. The event will close on June 9.

As is traditional, players you can get special anniversary items, as additional aspects for Roadhog and Ashe.

In addition to the themes of this anniversary, there will also be opportunities to get the special items from previous anniversaries, so that all players can expand their collection.

The special game modes of those events will also return, multiplying the options available for users during this period of celebrations in the title.

The event, of course, will be available on all platforms of the game: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Blizzard projects

As these small screen productions continue, Blizzard is immersed in the development of Devil 4on the one hand that introduce us to Lilith as the antagonist of the title, in a story that will make us feel as if we were reading the first chapter of a book. On the other hand, Overwatch 2 It continues its development: a game that, according to the leaks, would be ready to debut in 2020 although it has not been confirmed.


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