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PC gamers shouldn't miss the unveiling of new Xbox games



New games from Microsoft are to be announced soon. New games from Microsoft are to be announced soon.

Normally one would probably have talked about major announcements of many new games at E3 at the earliest in June. Without the E3, however, there is no longer a fixed time frame in which to expect this. Therefore, some games may even be revealed in May.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has answered a player's question on Twitter for new titles for Microsoft's next-gen console. Spencer soon promised to announce new games for the Xbox Series X:

According to the tweet, there have only recently been internal discussions on how to deal with the current situation. Shortly after the cancellation of the E3, Spencer spoke up that Microsoft will hold a digital event. There is not yet an exact date for this.

Why is this exciting for PC gamers?

As head of Xbox, Spencer is of course primarily responsible for Microsoft's console business. But in the meantime it is no longer possible to draw a clear line to the PC. Microsoft has previously announced that Xbox exclusive games will no longer exist. At least as long as Microsoft is the publisher.

Any game released on the console will end up on the PC sooner or later. The other way round, this rule also applies if it can be implemented. Gears Tactics will only be released on April 28th only for the PC, but later also on Xbox One.

When Microsoft announces new games at a digital event, it is also worthwhile for PC gamers to look at them. The first game scenes from previously confirmed games may be shown there. With our colleagues from GamePro you will find out which titles have already been announced for the Xbox Series X..

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