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Perfect privacy in testing: Swiss VPN knife used by professionals




Countless protocols and high security

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Can perfect privacy be persuaded in the test? We have a Swiss VPN provider on the test bench and summarize the cost, country and company.

Server selection and speed


Operation and operating system


Transparency and security




Test conclusion: highly configurable, but not suitable for all purposes

Perfect Privacy is a VPN designed for professionals, which can accurately adapt to routers, computers, networks and the most important needs. For this, you will find many instructions that will make your setup easier. Are you a VPN layman, just want to stay anonymous online and watch Netflix from the US, there are more suitable services.

We like that

  • Almost unlimited configuration options
  • High speed
  • OpenVPN, IPSec and many other protocols
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Reliable additional features such as Stealth VPN and TrackStop

We don't like

  • Netflix and Amazon Prime are inaccessible …
  • Not easy for beginners
  • No apps for iOS
  • Windows and Mac software and Android apps have expired

Tested VPN providers: best service comparison

You use a VPN connection to move securely and anonymously over the network. In this comparison, we provide you with the best VPN provider in the test and tell you which VPN service is best for you.

For comparison

table of Contents

  1. Perfect privacy in practice: our experience with VPN services

    1. Perfect privacy using streaming services

    2. Perfect privacy, bypass local internet interruption

  2. Use VPN and configure perfect privacy: usability

  3. Perfect privacy in speed test

  4. Provide VPN for professionals with the help of encryption and log files

  5. Additional features: Stealth VPN and TrackStop

  6. Perfect privacy VPN: price, subscription and payment methods

  7. Is there a free version of "Perfect Privacy"?

  8. in conclusion

Swiss VPN provider Perfect Privacy provides powerful VPN servers in 26 countries. Impressive features from the beginning: Thanks to VPN cascading, you can transmit Internet traffic up to four times here, because with Perfect Privacy, you can connect four secure VPN servers in series safely and steadily. What else can the quotation do, you can read the test report.

Compare the top ten best VPN services

You will find the top ten best VPN services below. The linked article provides a detailed comparison of all individual tests and all VPN services we tested.

»Make a detailed VPN comparison

Perfect privacy in practice: our experience with VPN services

If you can use Perfect Privacy's moderately easy-to-use software, the usefulness of the service is of course the focus of every purchase decision. Therefore, at this point, we hope to deal with these issues separately for two situations in which VPN services are used particularly frequently and effectively.

Perfect privacy using streaming services

Access to streaming services such as Amazon Video or Netflix is ​​one of the most popular VPN applications. No wonder, because supplier quotes sometimes vary greatly by region. In addition, when users are abroad, they often cannot access your own account. In order to be able to access movies and TV series without national restrictions, it is usually worth buying a VPN.

Unfortunately, the test results show that "perfect privacy" does not apply to video streaming: for example, compared to ExpressVPN or CyberGhost, the service cannot run any servers specifically optimized for streaming. For example, even with regular servers, we cannot access the US version of Netflix.

How to use a VPN connection to unlock videos

Perfect privacy, bypass local internet interruption

The second practical VPN area of ​​the application is to bypass local Internet interruptions. If you have connection problems while browsing, it is usually not due to your network connection or the server of the service you are using. Instead, interference can sometimes occur on a very long path between your starting point and the target point in the network.

In this case, VPN becomes the problem solver. Because VPNs route your Internet traffic to destinations through alternative routes-you can avoid local interruptions. The more servers the service has in the region, the more suitable it is for this purpose.

Many of the 58 Perfect Privacy servers are located in Western Europe. This makes the service ideal for German users who want to avoid Internet interruptions. The multi-hop function mentioned at the beginning allows the creation of a large number of alternative routes. However, before installing the VPN, if you cannot access the website, you should use our error message to check if there is an error directly at the destination.

Use VPN and configure perfect privacy: usability

After registering with Perfect Privacy, you can access the Perfect Privacy server. The easiest way to use them is to install a desktop application or an Android application. Here, you will find all pre-configured servers, and the software will also take over your network adapter completely automatically. You can also quickly install lightweight applications through the provider ’s homepage or the Google Play store.

However, as far as user-friendliness is concerned, since the application is not particularly user-friendly, you must use Perfect Privacy to make significant cuts. Therefore, the application is hidden as "VPN Manager" in the system under Windows 10. If you use Windows search, you cannot find the program under "Complete Privacy". In testing, we often had to manually search for the application, and when we finally found it, a rather dull interface greeted us.

Perfect privacy in practice

Picture 1/4

Perfect privacy VPN: country choice

You wo n’t find any comfort features, such as automatic connections or beautifully displayed graphics, such as animated characters on Tunnel Bear. Instead, there is a list of all servers, which can easily display the server speed. Various settings from DNS protection to firewall settings and cascading should also be actively emphasized. But I'll talk about it later, because first we look at the Android application.

This is for PC applications and lists all servers on each other. With one tap, Perfect Privacy can establish a connection and automatically configure the phone ’s network settings. If you want to permanently connect to the VPN with your phone, the application will redirect you to the system settings. After installation, "perfect privacy" has been listed in the VPN settings, you only need to click on permanent activation.

Perfect Privacy does not provide any applications for iPhone and iPad. Here, you must choose to bypass via the OpenVPN client or manually set up a VPN connection under iOS. Perfect Privacy provides configuration files and detailed instructions on its homepage.



Exclusive deals for netzwelt readers

Free for 6 months!

But not limited to iOS, Perfect Privacy also provides instructions and necessary files for manual VPN configuration on Fire TV devices, Linux computers, Blackberry smartphones, and routers. Here, we must praise the provider, especially because there is no limit to the number of connections.

Perfect privacy in speed test

If you want to use a VPN connection to move online, longer loading times and disconnection are taboo. Therefore, for each VPN test, we use the netzwelt speed test to test the speed of the server. Through the connection of the five countries of the Netherlands, the United States, Romania, Germany and Australia, we can determine the following speeds:

Ping in milliseconds

Download as Mbit

Percentage difference

Upload in Mbit

Percentage difference








twenty two





Berlin, Germany)












Romania (Bucharest)






United States (Dallas)






But why do we choose these countries? On the one hand, the slower the VPN connection is, the further away it is from the country. This explains why you see the biggest loss of VPN connections to Australia. The speed here is sufficient for surfing, but not enough for high-definition streaming.

Servers in the Netherlands are particularly fast. If you only want to disguise your address, you should trust this particularly fast connection. If you travel abroad and want to access domestic websites, the German server is not very fast. This speed is sufficient for surfing, and may be sufficient to transmit high-definition video.

For many VPN users, access to American movies and TV series is particularly interesting. Therefore, we chose to connect through Dallas. The HD quality stream is flawless here. We noticed occasional choppyness in 4K videos on YouTube.

Together with Romania, we finally tested a country for you, which is not part of the 14 eyes. This is an association of intelligence services in different countries through which intelligence services exchange information. However, only criminals should be worried about this. The Romanian server in the capital Bucharest will forward you quickly and reliably. Here, you can surf as usual and use the Internet like at home, because you will only lose 30% of your speed.

Provide VPN for professionals with the help of encryption and log files

If you want to adjust the VPN according to your needs, you can find a real advantage in Perfect Privacy. In this case, the working principle is as follows.

IPsec VPN and SSL VPN: these are the main differences

VPN router in your home network: so you can browse anonymously on all devices

With countless protocols, DNS masks, configuration on routers and configurable port forwarding, Perfect Privacy has a lot of features waiting for you. Encryption reaches the current standard through SSL with a 256-bit key and IPsec connection. If you pay attention to the difference between SSL and IPsec, then there are all options here. In addition, Perfect Privacy uses two functions to avoid problems when browsing through a VPN connection.

Additional features: Stealth VPN and TrackStop

Stealth VPN hides the forwarding connection and pretends that you can browse websites without a VPN. In fact, this doesn't work very well, because both Amazon Prime and Netflix block our access and prohibit messages used through VPN connections. Streaming does not apply to Stealth VPN. Here, we recommend the best VPN providers for Netflix and Co.

When you are not using a VPN, the tracking stop function can ensure higher security. For example, use phishing sites or ad trackers to store cookies on your PC. These pages are blocked by Perfect Privacy, and you remain anonymous. Unfortunately, it will take a while to discover whether this additional feature is more effective than Stealth VPN in practice. We will add the corresponding text as soon as possible.

Perfect privacy VPN: price, subscription and payment methods

Perfect privacy only provides you with a fee model. There are no advanced permissions or restrictions. If you subscribe, you can use a VPN connection on any number of devices without restrictions. You only need to make a decision between contract periods. If you set up a few years, you can save money every month:

If you agree to use the price for two years instead of one month, the price will be reduced from 12.99 euros per month to 8.95 euros. In two years, you have saved a total of 97 euros. This makes Perfect Privacy not a cheap VPN provider.

Payment can be made via PayPal, BitPay or Paymentwall. The latter service includes many common payment methods, such as credit cards. You can find more details in the table below.

Payment methodsannotation
AlipayPay via Bitcoin
Payment wallVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Sofort-Überweisung and many (most are not available in Germany) prepaid cards

Perfect privacy VPN-payment method

Is there a free version of "Perfect Privacy"?

Unfortunately, like most other professional VPN providers, there is no free Perfect Privacy version. However, the company promises to provide a money-back guarantee up to 7 days after purchase. If you do n’t like the product, you can undo the transaction. This does not include subscriptions sent by
Bitcoin has been paid. In another article, we also refer to a permanently free VPN provider.

Server selection and speed


Operation and operating system


Transparency and security




Information about tested products

You can find more information on how we deal with test products, how to conduct tests, and general guidelines for editors in the Transparency Guide.

An alternative to perfect privacy


Perfect Privacy has been categorized as the following VPN leaderboard.

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