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PlayStation 5: release period leaked? Sony denies!




While more details are already known about the Xbox Series X, we are still waiting for the big official launch of the PlayStation 5. The supposed leak of the release period caused plenty of conversation in advance – but a denial from Sony followed promptly.

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That Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 should be available on time for the Christmas season is a foregone conclusion, despite the corona virus. In both cases, however, no specific release date has yet been given. A job advertisement now seemed to leak as far as possible in relation to the new Sony home console.

Via the website Rikunabi is a vacancy for a management post that is directly related to the worldwide supply of components for the manufacturing process of the PS5. Spicy: In this context, it was concretely written that the PlayStation 5 should be released in October 2020.

So has Sony mistakenly and inadvertently noticeably limited the release period of the PS5? The answer to this is simply: no! Compared to the Japanese Famitsu

the company quickly released a statement stating that the claim was "an error on the recruitment side". The corresponding content was "not written by our company". In short: Sony completely denies responsibility for the passage – and thus also denies the supposed release window in October.

For now, we can all calm down and continue to wait for an official launch of the platform. Rumor has it that Sony could schedule such an event in early June. We'll keep you up to date!

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