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PlayStation 5 would have a huge launch catalog




Sony is finalizing details for a month of June that aims to be quite important. The presentation of PlayStation 5 points to the first half of this month, being an event that would bring tons of video game ads. Apparently, that approach by the company would make special sense, and that is that they would have been preparing a huge catalog of launch games for PS5, as stated by a popular streamer.

Maximilian Dood, known for his love of fighting games and Final Fantasy VII, recently talked about what to expect from the new generation. Although he has not given very specific details, he did want to specify that the PlayStation 5 launch catalog will be «J*big mind ». As he explains, Sony has been working on preparing titles for the next-gen for a long time, which he has been hearing “for years” from friends who work in the industry.

Unreal Engine 5, PS5
Unreal Engine 5 running on PS5 at 1440p

What or how many games are the ones that fit Maximilian's description

It is something that we still do not know. What does begin to take shape is that part of that catalog will have Silent Hill as a name thanks to recent rumors, as well as that Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to have a return with a most ambitious sequel. From there, few more details there, in fact, Sony has not made an official statement so far.

The company remains silent and without showing its new console to the world. They are moving tab behind the scenes, and everything points to that very soon they will step forward in public; however, for now, the only thing left is to wait. What other companies will be working with to feed their range of video games ahead of the PS5 premiere?How many will take advantage of DualSense to make us feel more immersed in their worlds? The answers will come soon.

PlayStation 5 and the official presentation in June

There is still no official confirmation, but it seems increasingly clear that we will not pass the month of June without knowing PlayStation 5 and the games with which it will arrive. To the constant rumors that speak of a presentation loaded with games has also been added the affirmation of Yoshida, CEO of Sony, affirming that soon we will see an exciting catalog of games for his new console. In an unsubtle way, the firm has announced that something is on the way, but without specifying when.

That when, as discussed so far, aims to not exceed the first half of June. It seems that the date is not entirely clear due to the anomalous situation that is living because of the COVID-19, but in Sony they would have more or less clear the window to give the real starting gun to their next-gen. Will they give a date and price?


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