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Pro Cycling Manager 2020 upgrade to version 1.6



Pro Cycling Manager 2020 upgrade to version 1.6

Released on June 4 on Steam, Pro Cycling Manager 2020 allows management enthusiasts to leave for a round, thanks to an ultra-complete game. Today, Nacon and Cyanide announce the deployment of version 1.6, tackling the aggressiveness of AI and morale.

Always provided, the title suffers from the syndrome of annualized games, by resembling the 2019 opus, even if it adds some welcome novelties. Not enough to cool the most loyal, who are benefiting this year from better mod management, the appearance of the Ineos-Grenadiers license, and the addition of morale management and advanced planning. In version 1.6 of Pro Cycling Manager 2020, available today

, players will see the following changes:

  • The aggressiveness of AI runners at the end of mountain stages has been reduced in favor of more careful management of their remaining energy.
  • A moral impact bug has been fixed: riders who took part in a grand tour during the season could complain that they did not do so.
  • The first ten stages of the Supergiro di Italia have been updated. For example, the first three stages no longer take place in Hungary but in Sicily. Thanks to Danilo. Note that only new games will see this updated course.
  • The BORA-hansgrohe team jersey has been updated with the special Tour de France white version. Thanks to CoucouMichel.
  • On the Pre-race Briefing page, a link to the dedicated informative pop-up has been added.
  • Fixed a crash before a multiplayer tournament when hovering the (i) button for additional info.

Pro Cycling Manager 2020

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