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Provide an automatic lawn mower: the winner of the test from Stiftung Warentest will receive a cash back of 100 Euros




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Robot lawnmowers make gardening much easier. However, high-quality brand equipment is usually very expensive. At the online retailer tink, Stiftung Warentest ’s latest test winners can now be used under the highest conditions.

Although the current cloudy rainy days in Germany and the best weather in summer cause most people's moods to change, the plants in the garden are still happy. Under current conditions, lawns are particularly rapidly developing. If the green plants in your garden are indeed on your head, the robot lawn mower will help you. The online retailer tink can now offer Bosch ’s top models under optimal conditions.

Bosch Indego S + 400: Stiftung Warentest test champion

Bosch Indego S + 400 is equipped with multi-sensor and Logicut navigation technology. This combination ensures that it trims large lawns very systematically, and finds and avoids obstacles quickly and reliably. The effect is so good that compared with ten other devices, Stiftung Warentest named him the test champion in early April 2020. The device is completely independently trimmed and driven to the charging station by itself. You only need to lay out the boundary line by hand and set the cutting height. The latter works comfortably with easy-to-access buttons on the device.

Bosch Indigo


Bosch Indego S + 400: replacement knife and cash back of 100 Euro

  • Intelligent navigation technology

  • Fully autonomous operation

  • Replacement knife included in price

  • 100 Euro cash back

The recommended retail price of Bosch S + 400 is 1,099 Euros. The online retailer tink now offers the device at a price of 794.95 euros, including a set of replacement knives. Most importantly, thanks to Bosch ’s cash back campaign, you can get 100 Euros and receive an additional one-year warranty. These are the best prerequisites for worry-free use of the device for a long time. If you have children, please pay special attention. As Stiftung Warentest discovered, there are currently no automatic lawn mowers available that provide adequate protection to identify children playing during the mowing. This also applies to test winners. That being said, there are few more reliable devices at this price.

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