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PS5: New information would be revealed during the month



PS5: New information would be revealed during the month

Yesterday, we learned that a new State of Play will take place on Thursday, and that it will feature third-party games that are coming to PS4 and PS VR. As a result, many gamers have wondered what the schedule for the PS5 is, expected at the end of the year.

In a call to investors, Hiroki Totoki, chief financial officer of Sony, indicated that the next fiscal year will be very important to know the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis

and study the effectiveness of the means put in place to adapt to it. The launch of the PS5 intervening in this exercise, Takashi Mochizuki from Bloomberg was able to ask a few questions and get some confidences, one of which should be kept in mind.

Indeed, according to a manager of the PlayStation unit who wished to remain anonymous, Sony's next intervention on the PlayStation 5 is said to have been tentatively scheduled for later this month. We do not yet know the content of this possible presentation, and, dn the wait for an official announcement, it is advisable to remain cautious. For the rest, note that Damian Thong, analyst at Macquarie Capital, thought that players loyal to the brand will equip themselves quickly, and that The versions with and without reader will sell for $ 500 and $ 400 respectively. In total it estimates that six million PS5s will be sold worldwide by March 31, 2021.

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