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PS5 production continues to move to arrive at Christmas



PS5 production continues to move to arrive at Christmas

He PlayStation 5 manufacturing and production process It has already started, in fact, it has left some pretty interesting photos about the console design and customization. With Sony ramping up work to get a huge number of consoles for sale at launch, and with everything that's happened in 2020, it might seem like they won't arrive on time, but nothing is further from reality. Everything is progressing as planned for a premiere during the final stretch of the year.

In fact, the firm would plan to orchestrate it all for a Christmas launch. According VentureBeat

Sony would have confirmed this during the investor meeting held this week. The Japanese company has recognized that there are certain restrictions when having to work from home because of the pandemic, but that everything is managing to advance in the best possible way, and also the safest for the team, in order for PS5 to go to sale in the Christmas season.


The parents of PlayStation have also indicated that game development is evolving favorably. “At this time, no serious problems have arisen on the game software development roadmap for Sony's first party studios or their partners », they explained during the appointment with the main investors of the company. They call for calm, despite the turbulence this year, because everything fits so that PS5 arrives when it should and in the quantities necessary so that there are no stock problems.

The lack of stock It was one of the big questions that arose in the face of the premiere of the new console, with several analysts pointing to this possible scenario. However, it appears that the company has been able to overcome the bumps to move forward as expected and achieve its stated goals. Will we see PS5 at Christmas or will it come sooner?

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