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PS5 to sell six million units this fiscal year, analyst says




Last February Hideki Yasuda, a Japanese analyst at Ace Research Institute, predicted that Sony will sell six million PS5 Throughout this fiscal year, which will end on March 31, 2021. Today, Yasuda has reaffirmed that market analysis by affirming that the multinational will place that number of video consoles even with the coronavirus crisis, disrupting all plans worldwide.

Yasuda affects your data. He says that Sony will emerge stronger from the current global crisis and that it will be able to take advantage of the high demand for video consoles that will come after the pandemic, surpassing the six million PS5 sold worldwide. This analyst seems not to include in his study a second rebound of COVID-19 at the end of the year, as several professionals point out, nor the dubious marketing campaign

Sony is carrying out, although the company itself says it is early to evaluate it.

Next fiscal year 15 million units will be sold

The analyst goes further. After selling six million video game consoles this fiscal year, during the next period (from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) 15 million consoles will be sold. Making a parallel, PS4 has managed to sell in total, so far, more than 110 million units; of this impressive figure only 1.5 million correspond to the last quarter.

This data is extracted from financial report recently presented by Sony, a dossier in which has not included its usual console sales estimate precisely because of the instability caused by the coronavirus. That s, the company has had several occasions in which PS5 will go on sale on its scheduled date, in late 2020, without the pandemic affecting in any way its launch.

For the moment we have seen few details of the console, beyond a complete summary of its internal architecture and its command, the DualSense. This week we were able to see PS5 in motion for the first time with a technical demo of Unreal Engine 5, although the official presentation console with games included is expected in early June.


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