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PS5 will allow voice chat conversations to be recorded and sent to Sony for moderation purposes



PS5 will allow voice chat conversations to be recorded and sent to Sony for moderation purposes

Update 8.0 of PS4 has left one of those news that we did not know very well how to assess. Some users alerted that they had received messages from the console ensuring that their voice chats could be recorded by Sony.

“Voice chats can be recorded for moderation. By joining you agree to be recorded.”

Before all the bad that can violate privacy a message like that, Sony has decided to step out to clear out what does the measure consist of and how does it affect both users of PS4 as well as those of your future console.

Apparently, users of PS5 they will be able to record their chat conversations and send them to Sony for moderation purposes. If you are playing in PS4 and you enter a chat with a user from PS5, you should keep in mind that you can be recorded

“We want PlayStation Network to be fun for everyone, so we have a community code of conduct.

Please note that your group voice chats can be recorded and sent to us by other users. By participating in a voice chat you agree to have your voice recorded.

When behaviors that violate the Community Code of Conduct are reported, PlayStation Safety will review the facts and see if there have been any violations of the code.

These recordings will only be used for security and moderation purposes by PlayStation Safety. “

This is something else. Avoiding problems with that code of conduct is as easy as being a normal person when you are in a group chat with friends. If things do not go wrong, and its use is correct, it can be a good way to end any hateful, out of tune or harassment message in a voice chat.

In short, what Sony he will not be listening to what you explain to your colleague while you take a FIFA.

But if you are one of those bullies who torments one of your classmates when you get together to play, you may have your hours of play counted.

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