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PS5 will not force to update disc games that are not online



PS5 will not force to update disc games that are not online

Users of the PlayStation 5 With 4K Blu-ray disc player, you can play the single player titles in physical format after installing the disc data, without being forced to apply updates that have been published or may be released in the future. The information comes from the Sony Interactive Entertainment, specifically of Hideaki Nishino, vice president of platform and planning administration.

In an interview in Digital Foundry

on the occasion of the presentation of the PS5 interface, Nishino assures that the possibility of preventing the disk code from executing was “out of the question”
in the Japanese company. Thus, all these single-player games can be installed in their original version, although the possible online functions they may have will not be available if they are not updated to the latest version.

Of course this not possible on the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

, which does not include a disc player. Downloading a game from the PlayStation Store will install the latest version. Running the titles with the original code (or at least, with the commercial code of the disc) is important for preservation of video games.

Titles, even single player adventures, go changing over time through updates that refine experience, add content, and sometimes, they even eliminate options. This feature allows you to experience and discuss the experience as the developers envisioned it in their day.

This is the new interface of PS5

On these lines you can see a video of the new interface of PlayStation 5, which debuts a different design from the PS4. The new menus add innovative functionalities such as Activities (challenges proposed by the developer for specific games), the possibility that a friend share your game screen and place it on our game, and a notification system reminiscent of a mobile phone.

PS5 will go on sale on November 12th and 19th at a price of $499 for the console with disc player and for $399 for the digital version.

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