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PUBG bots arrive on PS4 and Xbox One with update 7.1




PUBG bots arrive on PS4 and Xbox One with update 7.1

Over the years, it stands to reason that veteran players gain far greater expertise than players who are re-entering a competitive multiplayer game, so it may cause some frustration for newcomers to see that they are unable to cope with these. players. To fix this and balance the games, one solution is to introduce bots controlled by the game's AI.. This occurs in games like Fortnite, and as of now, also in PUBG.

This measure is quite controversial due to not really knowing if you are competing against a real machine or player and, depending on the level assigned to the AI, it can unbalance the game. According to PUBG Corp., the problem is not the bots themselves, but the way they are programmed. As discussed in the notes of the PUBG update 7.1The company has balanced these artificial players based on three parameters: Movement, Shooting, and Plunder.


Regarding movement, the PUBG bots have been designed to adjust to the natural orography of the pitch. This means that they adjust to the construction of the map, avoiding natural hazards such as ravines, to find the shortest and safest route by which to reach their objective. “For each of our maps, large or small, a lot of attention had to be paid to carefully design these navigation meshes at each corner of our maps in a way that prevents bots from being thrown off a cliff or more than just though. hilarious, it doesn't align with its intended functions. With these navigation meshes in place, bots constantly search for environmental hazards and work to find the shortest route to their next destination. »


Similarly, the bots have been designed following the physics of the bullets that PUBG uses naturally for the rest of the players, so in a shootout, the behavior would be as natural as possible, trying to dodge a shot the same way you would if it came from a human player. But a machine is capable of much more precise calculations when it comes to taking the bullet's length and physics into account, so it requires a very thorough calibration to meet the challenge. «Systems were installed to ensure that the accuracy of the bots differs by range

. All of this was carefully balanced through countless balancing iterations so that our bots provide enough challenge and provide more ways for players to improve their skills. »


Regarding looting or looting, the behavior of thousands of players and games has been analyzed to balance the equipment that the bots are able to loot so as not to unbalance the game. That is, it would not be fair for a bot to be heavily armed in the early stages of the game, or with hardly any equipment in the final rounds. "With this data, we have set loot targets for our bots so that they loot and have the appropriate items for each phase. For example, you'll see bots face close-range combat with an SMG early on, while engaging in more long-range SR / DMR shootings later in the game. ”

Many more factors have been taken into account when programming PUBG bots, but these would be the three most important factors that condition a game. Later they will begin to retouch their patterns thanks to machine learning obtained from the statistics of the games. In this way, the developers make sure that the novice players are progressing in their ability to get hold of the mechanics of the game and when it comes to getting casualties., In the same way that veteran players will not find too many complications when it comes to of dealing with these bots. Later A new game mode will come with qualifying games where bots will be eliminated to measure the real ability of players in combat.


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