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QuakeCon 2020 has been cancelled due to uncertainty surrounding COVID-19




Stephany Nunneley
Tuesday, March 31, 2020, GMT

Bethesda and id Software have announced that QuakeCon 2020 will not be held this year.

According to a statement from Bethesda and id Software, due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 25th QuakeCon will not be held this year.

According to the statement, the two companies have been discussing how QuakeCon 2020 moves forward, especially since it is the 25th year, but "due to the uncertainty we currently face with the COVID-19 pandemic" has led to cancellation.

The statement said: "QuakeCon has always been a special event for us and you, this is an era when we get together to play games and build bonds, and for some people this has been the case for 25 years."

"In recent weeks, we have spent a lot of time discussing how we will continue to use QuakeCon this year, especially considering the 25th anniversary of the event. However, due to all the logistical challenges and uncertainties currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic, we A tough decision was made to cancel this year's QuakeCon. The health and safety of our employees, volunteers, suppliers, sponsors and participants is always our top priority, and talking about parties is a mistake in these times Things, and gatherings is the last thing we should all do now.

"Although we don't know about the pandemic situation in August this year, we know that we will not be able to complete the work and plan with partners, suppliers, volunteers, and others who need QuakeCon to succeed

"We thank you all, especially the volunteers, for all the work that has been done to build and support this event year after year. We hope to work with you in other ways to celebrate the spirit of QuakeCon this August and we look forward Come back for this amazing event next year. "

QuakeCon 2020 will be held from August 6th to 9th.

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