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Rank reset in CoD Modern Warfare? No panic!




Neim, you don't have to go back to Level 1: all clear for CoD: Modern Warfare.

Neim, you don't have to go back to Level 1: all clear for CoD: Modern Warfare.

Update 1.15 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released yesterday. The 10 GB patch included the revised 2vs2 map atrium. However, some players seem to be experiencing a problem after downloading: They get a rank reset warning via pop-up,

Developer Infinity Ward reports on Twitter that there is no need to worry. Players should click "Next" and log in to multiplayer. The player stats and rank are not reset:

No drama like update 1.13

Good news for everyone who was troubled by the critical bug of update 1.13: Back then, numerous players were affected by the resetting of their game progress. It only helped to close the game with Alt-F4 when the warning appeared. Fortunately, we are spared such drastic measures this time.

The reactions of the fans to the tweet range from slightly annoyed to all-caps sour. Most of them just ask for more information about the Battle Royale "Warzone", which has still not been officially announced. However, there is a small innovation in the menu: In the new »Classified« section, the message »Transmission Incoming« lights up – possibly a teaser?

With us you will find all previous information about the Battle Royale summarized. Activision is not happy about the numerous leaks that have been circulating in the past few weeks: The publisher is taking legal action against this and a Reddit user may even have to go to court.


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