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Reinventing Anthem will be a long process in the hands of a small team




Anthem He is still far from reaching his goals to be reborn. The game, which was released in February 2019, It was heavily criticized both by users and by the specialized press, a situation that led BioWare to propose a complete reinvention of the game to achieve a Anthem 2.0. However, it seems that the process is going to be even longer than could be expected, as recently admitted by Christian Dailey, the director of the BioWare Austin study, charged with the task of ensuring that he can fulfill what was expected of him. .

Through the official Web of the study, Dailey explained that "the incubation team has started work to validate our design hypothesesWhile this original message seemed to imply that work on reinventing the title had recently begun, the company has issued a additional statement

in which they explain that "this is not so" and admit that the way in which it was expressed was not clear. According to the statement, "we have been working on this for quite some time, before even announcing that we would do it last February."

Right now at BioWare Austin they are working on "experiment with prototypes to improve the areas in which we believe that the goals were not achieved and to improve everything you like about AnthemDailey said.

That is, there are no dates and it may take a long time to have something tangible, since we are dealing with "a small team of thirty people". In fact, Dailey admits that "it will be a long process. And, yes, the team is smallBut the point of all this is for us to take our time to think about the game from scratch. A small team gives us the agility that a big one would not have. "

Among the goals to introduce improvements is to integrate the opinion of the users and "be open and honest about the progress" that is made in the title. For this they are willing to experiment and try things of all kinds, even if they then have to take a few steps back, all while pursuing their ideals of transparency in pursuit of a more satisfying gaming experience even if that implies "seeing how sausages are made, which is not always a nice thing to do." see".

The reception of the game at its launch was so harsh that even stores made refunds considering that there was misleading advertising regarding the title. Also, several prominent members of the development left the company after their debut.


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