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Review the evolution of Remedy games and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alan Wake




Alice Liguori
Thursday, May 14, 2020 08:41 GMT

its Alan WakeToday is the 10th anniversary, so I hope you brought cakes and party soft drinks.

You don't want Allen to be grumpy than he is. To celebrate this special day, we reviewed Remedy ’s games to see how they evolved with the title.

The following video takes you through the history of Remedy, starting with Max Payne in 2001 and ending with Remedy in 2019 control. It even includes Quantum fracture. In addition, many guns are expected.

It's hard to believe that it has been ten years since I was first scared by Alan Wake. When you see all their wonderful games merged together, you will see how much they have influenced each other. I hope you can understand exactly what I mean when you see the evolution of Remedy Games.

If you are a fan of Alan Wake, we have just released a brand new interview with Sam Lake, which explores how horror adventures helped create Remedy ’s connected universe, which includes the latest release of Control, and hints that the universe can expand into the next realm .

If you have never played Alan Wake, then starting today, you can enjoy a 90% discount on Steam, Epic Games and for a limited time. It seems very cheap to us.

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