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Rumor ensures that Sony will launch PS5 Pro and standard PS5 at the same time




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Sony has already made the features of Playstation 5. The Japanese company is following, at its own pace, the steps it has set Microsoft with its new Xbox Series X facing the new generation, revealing even more features of the platform that is to come at the end of the year. Despite this move, a technical ace could be kept up his sleeve, and there are rumors that the firm would be also preparing a PS5 Pro to accompany the standard model at launch.

The information has emerged in Reddit, from the hand of a user who claims to have sources close to the company. In a post that has already been removed, this rumor (which lacks official confirmation at the moment), indicates that Sony would be preparing that more expensive model to offer another option to players. Information that aligns with another rumor that emerged weeks ago that pointed to a possible PS5 Pro, but that this time insists on a simultaneous launch for both versions at the end of this same 2020.

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With the current official information, the main comparison that has been repeated by active and passive when facing PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X is the one for TFLOPS. While Sony's has 10.2 TFLOPS for its GPU, Microsoft's exceeds 12 TFLOPS for the same component. A simple comparison, but that is not enough to determine the efficiency of a hardware, as we explained in our article about what TFLOPS are and what they tell us about the next-gen. Now, the marketing strategy of the alleged PS5 Pro would be to head for a higher TeraFLOPS figure to impact the public.

Although for now you have to take this information for what it is, a rumor, it is possible that Sony wants to move tab in that sense, as it already did with PlayStation 4 and the Pro model. Will we see a double console launch by the company this year?

We will answer questions sooner rather than later.

PlayStation 5, when will your final presentation be?

We have already seen a fully technical talk on PS5 starring Mark Cerny, a presentation that was intended to be part of the canceled GDC. Now, it remains to be seen if Sony is going to move the tab with something more oriented to the general public. The company has yet to reveal launch catalog, future video games, the surprise features of PS5 and even its final price. All that information is still in the air.

The company is expected to make a move in the current month of March or even act before the end of the first half of April. It is too early to assert anything, and more with the pandemic that is leaving that dangerous mark on the video game sector. Sony may be waiting for the situation to stabilize to organize a formal presentation, and it is possible that they may have to delay the release of PS5 if the Coronavirus continues to infect half the world. Although from Sony they already assure that this is not the case.


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