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Silent Hill reboot may not be announced during PS5 event in June




The event of the PS5 It will be next June where many details about this new console are expected to be revealed. Sony And also let us know the new titles that the company brings us for the coming years.

However, one of the titles that has been playing lately is the reboot of the franchise of Silent Hill

, video game that is being developed and that could be announced in this next event that we will enjoy in June.

A well-known filter on Twitter is not sure of Sony's plans

According to the famous filter AestheticGamer, the plans Sony for the event about the PS5 have been changing a lot lately so it doesn't assure anything about restarting Silent Hill for this event, even though there are m any possibilities for an official announcement about this new development.

On the other hand, the development of the reboot of Silent Hill It is in charge of Akira Yamaoka who also worked for him Silent HillIn addition, the SIE Japan Studio would also be working as a developer of the game. Notably, the multiplayer game Dead by Daylight has been including content from Silent Hill and it has raised certain expectations in the followers.

silent hill
Silent Hill reboot is already in development and may or may not be announced in June

It is not clear whether Sony really announced this reboot of Silent Hill at the event that will take place on June 3 to show what the PS5, since previously Sony he came to change the date of one of those events that he would do during the GDC and ended up doing a small event via streaming.

At the moment we will have to wait until next week to finally see if the event will succeed and if we will see the official announcement of the reboot of Silent Hill that will come to the consoles PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.


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