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SimRefinery: Maxis’ lost game available – News



SimRefinery: Maxis’ lost game available – News

Even if you are a fan of the SimCity and its derivatives, there is little chance that you could ever get your hands on SimRefinery. This is a very specific version of the license created by Will Wright since it was not intended for the general public.

After the success of the first SimCity published in 1989, many companies showed up at the gates of Maxis. Each of them wanted to adapt the studio bestseller to their needs, but only one finally got a positive response: Chevron Corporation. This oil company wanted to help its teams better understand the operation and the challenges of a refinery. What could be better than a video game for that? Maxis thus delivered them a certain SimRefinery in 1993, a simulation of a refinery manager commissioned by the company. This title, which probably will not fascinate everyone, has just appeared on the Web. A floppy disk of the software originally distributed only to Chevron employees was found and its content published on the Internet Archive. An amazing production that it is therefore finally possible to try, either directly via your browser or by installing the game files with DosBox

. Note, however, that this is not a full version, some features are not implemented.

SimRafinery on the Internet Archive

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