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Streets of Rage 4: DotEmu apologizes for confusion over physical editions – News




Much has been written about the physical release of Streets of Rage 4. Many players have pre-ordered the editions signed Limited Run Games, shipped from the United States and therefore entailing costly shipping costs (fifteen dollars), without knowing that the game would also be distributed in our European countries.

Streets of Rage 4: DotEmu apologizes for confusion regarding physical editions

The "Signature" edition planned in Europe

Expected this summer across Europe, the Standard and Signature editions distributed by Merge Games (Just for Games for France) were not actually announced until last week, that is after the release of Streets of Rage 4 for download (30 April), while versions of Limited Run Games have been scheduled since March. A timing that has raised many questions. The editor DotEmu has finally released a communicated

to return to the situation, acknowledging that "mistakes have been made" and that "fan demand has been underestimated".

Limited Run Games and DotEmu have had a successful partnership for several years, and our collaboration on Streets of Rage 4 was planned early in the project. As is often the case during game releases, other partnerships concerning physical versions were arranged during development. These were primarily aimed at customers outside of the United States, but during the planning process, we made mistakes and wish to apologize. To be clear, Limited Run Games was not involved in the management of the other boxed outings or their timing. We underestimated the demand from fans and made a mistake when it came to managing the timing and delivery of the physical versions. For these reasons, we apologize to Limited Run Games and the fans (both theirs and ours) and promise that we will do better next time.

As compensation for the "confusion caused", DotEmu has decided to offer a unique CD (including 15 tracks from the OST, including an exclusive remix by Tee Lopes) to everyone who pre-ordered a physical edition at Limited Run Games. Those who purchased the limited edition will also receive a Steam key from Streets of Rage 4. Note that several customers of Limited Run Games were able to request (by contacting customer service here) and obtain a refund for their order.

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