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The 25 faces of Pikachu condensed into a fun Pokémon fan art




Pikachu is cute and it has one of the most adorable Pokémon designs, not by chance, but because its creators decided so. To make matters worse, our favorite Pikachu, Ash's Pikachu, it is not only beautiful, but has its own characteristics that make it unique. Today a fan art collects us 25 of the funniest Pikachu faces and we can't stop smiling.

Under these lines you will see the illustration he has shared MijjyWijjy on Reddit and that shows all facets of Pikachu As we know it, going through almost all moods there have been and for. If you look closely, there is an intruder in the image

, a Pokémon that will always be in the shadow of our Pikachu and that takes advantage of any moment to “Bombard” his glory minutes.

This was such a fun study of the many faces of Pikachu! Do you think I captured his personality?

desde Pokemon

What do you think of this fan art, funny right? We liked that he knew how to collect that Pikachu magic and its adorability and have transformed it into a nice tribute to our favorite electric mouse.

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