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The Battle Royale Darwin Project will not continue. Their servers will be closed forever in late 2020




Competing with the most popular Battle Royale is not an easy task and it is something that some video games have ended up checking sooner or later in their player base. The last to be affected by this situation has been Darwin Project, on which the team of Scavengers Studio has decided shut down your servers.

According to the statement that the company has published in its official blog, the update that was published last April will probably be the last one and for the moment does not consider developing new functions

for your game.

During these years the game has been active the player base has not stopped decreasing. Scavengers Studio claims to have tried everything by developing new versions, offering new content, more interesting functions, better optimization, but even so none of it has ended up working completely. This is why the team has made this tough decision by stating that the game cannot stand on its own, so now will focus on other unannounced projects


After a good time in the form of early access, it was last January when its final version was released, although it is seen that it has not finished curdling enough. At least you will still have a few months to continue playing Darwin Project on PS4, Xbox One and PC, since it will be by the end of the year when the servers will close their doors forever.


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