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The best civilizations in Age of Empires 2




There are video games that have made history. Some titles stood out in their genre for being innovative in interactive entertainment such as Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda or Age of Empires. All of them have been a benchmark to this day and even their concept is still very present. So much so that in the past X019 Age of Empires IV introduced, where they showed their first gameplay. One of the main attractions of this strategy saga was the different civilizations that could be controlled and, therefore, faced. But what was the best in Age of Empire II? Today we are going to delve into the usefulness of your units to discover which are the most powerful or effective.

Some civilizations were stronger at long range with archers or war machines while others had better infantry units. For example, the Persians were very popular for having elephants as the exclusive unit of this civilization. Instead, they are quite weak against the power of the priests. Of course, it is necessary to take into account many important factors such as the type of map, since if it is not an area surrounded by water, civilizations such as the Vikings would lose their greatest power. Next we collect the best civilizations that could be controlled in Age of Empire II to return to play the classic strategy game available in HD.


The Vikings sneak into this list primarily for their sea power with the Dragon Ship as a single unit, as it otherwise lacks cavalry and archers. That means it is the best civilization on the water maps, but it has many deficiencies to be efficient in combat on dry land. Although it also has a strong infantry, it cannot be compared to other civilizations. Advantage:

  • The infantry have access to the full tech tree and more endurance as their sea force.
  • 15% cheaper in the construction of docks.
  • 20% cheaper the creation of warships.
  • Unique units like the Berserker and the Dragon Boat.


persian elephants
The elephants of the Persians are the best units

As mentioned previously, the Persians have no great in-game advantages other than a very lethal unit. The persian elephants They have 600 HP and do damage in area, but in general they do not have an army that stands out, apart from being weak against the power of the priests. Still, it is important to keep them in mind for their productive benefits to generate villagers or fishing boats faster than other civilizations. Advantage:

  • +50 food and +50 starting wood.
  • 100% resistance of the Urban Center and Pier.
  • + 5% of production speed when passing age.
  • Riders, Knights and Paladins have +2 attack against archers.


It is one of the fastest growing civilizations alongside the Chinese, for example. This is because villagers can collect more resources and they have 50 extra gold at the start of the game. Their infantry units are the strongest of the game and can be generated 18 percent faster. He can win games very quickly, but his weak point is the absence of cavalry and gunpowder weapons. Advantage:

  • Villagers carry +5 of any resource.
  • 18% faster creation of military units.
  • +50 starting gold.
  • The monks improve their stamina by +5 with each technology developed.
  • Relics generate + 33% gold.


They have an additional villager from the start, so they get strong in the early game with a pretty solid economy. Its strongest units are the archers, the Feathers archer being its only unit, although it is a more defensive civilization with a significant discount in the construction of walls. Always start with an eagle warrior with which to explore the map more effectively. Advantage:

  • An additional villager and a starting Eagle Warrior, but -50 food.
  • Archer units cost 10 percent less for each age passed.
  • The construction of walls costs half.

Spanish people

Spanish people
The Spanish are the most versatile civilization

They are one of the most civilizations flexible and versatile, since it has access to many technologies. Your main strength is saving gold because blacksmith upgrades don't cost you this resource, so you can focus your efforts on building a strong army with cannons and other powerful units. Advantage:

  • + 30% speed in construction.
  • Blacksmith upgrades don't cost gold.
  • The use of gunpowder in cannons, either on land or in galleons, which have better aim.
  • Manual gunners and siege guns fire 18% faster.


They have a very important initial advantage, since it is the only civilization that you don't need houses for your villagers. This allows both saving on resources and creating villagers to work more. So he is strong in the early game and recovers more quickly from battles than others. Resources can be used for military force, especially the cavalry, from the first minutes and also the stables are faster. It has a special unit that deals damage to buildings like no other.

  • You don't need to build houses.
  • Stables 20% faster.
  • 25% cheaper horse archers in the Castle Age and 30% in the Imperial Age.
  • + 30% accuracy of stone launchers.


Along with the Huns, they are the strongest civilizations due to their units on horseback. It bases all its strength on military power with very fast, resistant units with greater line of sight. They are all muscle and the best civilization to become an ally. His unique unit on horseback deals additional damage to Siege Engines. Unstoppable in the late game. Advantage:

  • Hunters work 40% faster.
  • +2 vision for scouts and light cavalry.
  • + 20% shooting speed for archers on horseback and their unique unit.
  • + 30% resistance for light cavalry.

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