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The COD team killed almost everyone in a game, breaking the Warzone record




The Call of Duty team broke Warzone's record by trying to eliminate almost all other players in a game.

The recorded details were shared by professional player Priestahh, who has currently signed with the FaZe Call of Duty team. You can view his tweets below.

As you can see, the team's kill count is as high as 113. Priestahh pointed out in a subsequent tweet that one of his teams, Deleo, was behind, but the remaining three still managed to cause 96 kills between them.

Given that there are 150 players in the Warzone game, after you delete the problematic foursome, the initial 113 players account for 77% of the remaining 146 players. As a result, it can be said accurately that Priestahh's team successfully defeated three quarters of the players in the game, which is frank and ridiculous statistics. This is Warzone's record and may remain undefeated for some time.

Call of Duty: The theater of war recently attracted a lot of curiosity. Less than a month ago, the suspected cheaters began to match each other in hell lobbying. On the topic of cheating, as many as 70,000 cheaters were banned from the competition last month, and there are still a lot of reports today. Although Infinity Ward ’s anti-cheat attitude is refreshing and far less invasive than Valorant ’s anti-cheat system, unfortunately, you can still pay your own price for Warzone ’s victory.

Theater record

In addition to "Battlefield", "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" recently implemented a brutal and disorderly 10v10 transportation mode. Transportation will kill a large number of customers in 4v4, so having 10 red outlines pointing the LMG to almost always causes confusion.

Recently confirmed that "Call of Duty: Battlefield" now requires SMS verification of the free player on the PC.

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