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The comparison of NBA 2K21 PS5 and PS4 shows a huge leap in visual effects



The comparison of NBA 2K21 PS5 and PS4 shows a huge leap in visual effects

2K Games released ” NBA 2K21 Gameplay captured on PS5 this week.

These images look stunning, the same as the gameplay that PS4 debuted in 2013.

According to Visual Concepts, the next-generation version has updated lighting, textures, physics and new animation effects to adapt to the player's movement and impact. PS5 material not only has the displayed visual quality, but also has a unique AI interaction, so it looks more vivid. The developers say that there are more than 150 of them, and you can see them in cheerleaders and mascots invading the stadium, as well as from the sidelines and even in the crowd.

However, nothing really shows a leap in fidelity than a good comparison. YouTuber BBallCreator 2K does just that, with the goal of recreating the same moment using the current PS4 version to understand how they stack.

It’s worth remembering that although 2K means that the video was captured on the PS5, they are displayed in a scroll instead of the original game format, so this comparison is not exactly the same. Having said that, the video does a very good job of replicating camera angles and game conditions, and can even show the quality of the model in close-up shots.

This is the release of the complete trailer for the 2K game, which contains more of these exciting moments.

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