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The creators of Batman: Arkham Origins ask fans for patience on their new game




Many fans are tired of the rumors about the next game of WB Games Montreal, supposedly a new title of Batman than start a new universe away from the Arkham saga, and the developer knows it. The last game in the series was Batman: Arkham Knight Rocksteady released in 2015, and since then fans of the Dark Knight haven't received any official announcements about the future of the license, only leaks and news of canceled games.

In a Twitter message, WB Games Montreal thanks "the enthusiasm for our next project. Right now, our channel shows the studio, who we are and why we like to make games. Stay tuned! "Says the team.

The tweet has received many responses where fans they demand news that confirms that at least this game is about a new Batman, something that is not yet official.

Imminent announcement?

WB Games Montreal began hinting at their game last September and earlier this year, with emblems associated with The Court of Owls, a group of villains who appeared in comics in 2011. In recent months there has been talk about a name, Batman: Arkham Legacy, and that will allow to control Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and other members of the "Batman family". Later it has been rumored that no references to Arkham It is a smooth reboot of this universe to be followed by other games, including one from Rocksteady with DC characters and perhaps one of Superman later.

The announcement is expected to occur in the coming weeks., at one of the Summer Game Fest events, including presentation of the new generation consoles.


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