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The fleet mothership will enter Elite Dangerous in June, the first of two betas to be held in April




Stephany Nunneley
Friday, March 27, 2020, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Eventually, Fleet Transportation will join the Elite Dangerous Persons program in June, and you can test it ahead of time with two public betas.

Frontier Development Companies will Elite danger There are two public betas, the first of which will be open to PC players on April 7.

The second Beta version will include PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players and will be held in May.

The long-awaited fleet carrier will spend 5 billion credits, personally owned, and contain 16 landing pads of different sizes for other players to dock its starship in, and the jumping distance is 500 light years.

After purchase, you can choose whether to open new services on mobile hubs, including repair stations, gas stations, shipyards, etc. You can set tariffs on all the goods traded on the operator's services to support weekly maintenance costs, from attrition maintenance to ship staffing and Tri, a new fuel commodity that powers large ships.

You can also customize the carrier to your favorite style of play, but make sure you plan and balance your finances to cover operating costs, because if your debt exceeds the debt threshold, your vehicle may be retired and a portion sold.

Fleet operators have officially launched live games in June.

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