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the hero of the fusion between Pokémon and One Punch Man




Surely you have wondered what kind of Pokémon the characters in One Punch Man would be or, also, what would be the Saitama Pokémon team. But perhaps you had never stopped to think what would be the Pokémon that the more I could hit Saitama actually and we as this fan art agree that one of those possibilities is inside Machop.

ahumblecrab on Reddit it is very clear that Machop and Saitama would create an ideal fusion and judging by his vision it is quite true that his two designs complement each other

to perfection. Ma chop's body may be small, but he has that touch of “extra hardness”
which also features Saitama's, not to mention that his look is also easily adaptable to the One Punch Man calvorotas.

[my fanart] one chop man desde Pokemon

What do you think this merger between Machop and SaitamaDoes it convince you or do you think that there are even better possibilities? Tell us which ones!

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