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The lumberjack dynasty in preview




In Lumberjack Dynasty We follow the call of freedom and the smell of wood. Our aunts and uncles called for help, and they wanted to sell their farms and nearby sawmills. In their later years, they can no longer handle the story alone.

But the results are different, you can read more about this content in our preview now.

We start from scratch

The water does n’t look that deep, so our first car is history …

When we started the lumberjack adventure, we could still use relative agricultural equipment. Basically, the whole process is a good tutorial. Then ceded the old farm to us. At first, it looked tattered, without real sex appeal.

So our first task is Lumberjack Dynasty Repair our property and cut down trees. It is important to make the most of every day. The game is affected by the rhythm of day and night. Our past self must also sleep and eat. In addition, the character has an energy bar, so we can't cut down trees forever and take them away forever like in real life.

Open world conquest

Lumberjack Dynasty Provide an open world where we can travel completely. In it, various tasks, different dealers, gas stations or points of sale are waiting for us. We strongly recommend that you perform the task from the beginning, in most cases, otherwise it is impossible, because only in this way can we get the tractor, the first trailer or pallet truck.

Our "handmade" logs are slowly and reliably reaching the sawmill.

After completing the first mission and repairing the building, the game world opened the door for us. We started to cut down the trees on our property, this is the first time to make money. Trunks can also be processed into planks, which will eventually charge more money into our cash register. But wood chips or bark can also be resold.

We can also grow fruits and vegetables on the farm, and we can also raise animals. We are equipped with a small workshop where you can perform minor repairs on the vehicles yourself.

At the dealership around the corner, we found modern equipment that we couldn't afford …

With the money earned, we can afford new vehicles or equipment, which also makes work more enjoyable. In addition, (almost) all attributes Lumberjack Dynasty Was bought. In the future, with patches, we should also be able to get married and establish a family.

Improve by using

Similar to RPG, we can improve farmers' various abilities just by using them. For example, we can improve the following categories: lumberjacks, mechanics, anglers, plantation owners, etc.

In addition, we can activate the "engineer mode". In this mode, we can set up scaffolding, for example, to reach the roof or high floors to renovate it.

In addition, in this mode, we can more easily determine which areas need to be repaired (marked in red).


in conclusion:

Lumberjack Dynasty It is a huge playground, and it is already worth it for simulation fans. In the current state, we can already experience and do many things in the game world. Of course, we have not integrated all the content together, but in the end you can also find it in the early experience.

Developers also hope to submit the roadmap as soon as possible so that interested players can follow the development more closely.

Over time, the only thing that bothers me is the same "mini-game" when cutting trees, which looks repetitive and used for many tasks. You should not be under any pressure when playing, but if you seek peace and tranquility, this is your ideal choice.

Lumberjack Dynasty Can be found on PC via Steam or MMOGA


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