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The Polish government launches a Minecraft server to be able to play during the quarantine




minecraft could be the best-selling game of all

We have been confined at home for several years for the coronavirus quarantine and video games are a great salvation to be able to endure these days of confinement. Games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons are having a big impact on sales. Steam without going any further and as a token of courtesy, is giving away various games such as Tomb Raider (2013) and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris among others. And although Epic usually puts out several free games eventually, right now you can download two great titles like The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs, which are ideal for these days.

The Polish government seeing that video games have a pull among students, has wanted to take advantage of the occasi on after the closure of schools by creating the initiative Grarantanna

. This consists of create a free MineCraft game server where to promote various activities for both children and teenagers and university students, where entertain themselves while they learn during this period of pandemic.

These activities are based on games of "rock Paper and scissors" for the little ones, several educational trivia games, game jams in which the team participants compete to create a video game within Minecraf on a specific subject and with a time limit. But the jewel in the crown and where more participants are being seen is in creation, where each player has a 60X60 area to be able to create something impressive but always looking at famous buildings.

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▪ Release date: 10/07/2011


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