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The revival of Survival Horror?




In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures. Normally, we would have visited the publisher or a place pimp for the occasion – one day Camille will tell you the story of press tower organized in a parking lot during a cold January – and we could have put our big fingers freshly disinfected on a pad for an exclusive and privileged overview. But it was via Discord, in an equally privileged way, that we were able to discover a gameplay extract from Remothered: Broken Porcelain, but also to chat with members of the development team, and we will tell you everything now!

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is the sequel to Tormented Fathers, released from the studios of Stormind Games in 2018. Unveiled during the last Gamescom – which seems far away now – impossible not to think of some references to the genre of playable horror when you see its stumbles point the tip of his nose. After curiosity, did this first glimpse make us want to see more? The answer after these few minutes of reading, ladies and gentlemen.

Fleeing is often the best solution.

Not really maternal

For a scary story, you need a suitable place. Here, it will be an isolated hotel, lost in the mist and snow. I already see some who have captured the reference, and it is the right one. In this portal catalyst to demonic hell, we will discover our hero Jen, exploited soubrette, who will somehow try to escape by dodging all his former colleagues of work become possessed by a very clever spirit zombifier

. A lot of subplots are planned, documents will feed the folklore, and the gallery of secondary characters should be rather provided and detailed. And if we did not play the first, the developers promise us that it does not matter and that the story of this second episode – there will be three – was written in this perspective of independence. We will pass all the same side of the return of some protagonists, and some references. The latter should be numerous and watch from the side of the horrific cinema, but also from the side of the media which we are passionate about.

Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, or even Clock Tower. In front of the design, the visual and even the playability of Remothered, impossible not to remember these titles which made the heyday of our evenings survival horror. The music seems to be in tune, the few sceneries we saw put us in the mood, especially the outdoor passages Silent hill-esques

, and atmospheric question, we don't really see how it could collapse by the time of the release, except massive industrial accident.

Run Jen!

Run and hide

Question gameplay, the formula is similar to the titles that inspire Remothered its design. Namely infiltration and hopeless escape. The demo that we could observe started with a Jen in very bad shape, hands tied a butcher's hook in the cold room of the restaurant. And first feature, novelty introduced in Broken Porcelain, our hero will be able to dematerialize his consciousness and make it float in the air like a poltergeist to go and press the switch that will release it. This power will also become a weapon powerful enough to pierce enemy movements while remaining well hidden. We then witnessed the escape from the kitchens and the restaurant room, with a short passage outside, where the dodge of the zombies is made possible thanks to the possibility of squatting and hiding behind the furniture, but also thanks to some small survival tools, achievable with the right raw materials. The gameplay proposal seems solid to us, but we will have to confirm all of this.

Level fear, except the few jumpscares who should point the tip of their nose, we are especially on the tension, exacerbated by the behavior of enemies who seek you in a group and can find you if you are stashed in the wrong locker. Beware of dogs which can become real wounds and whose barking only adds tension. Again, we didn't really play, and our final feeling on it could only be done at dawn, one morning in summer 2020, after spending the night trying to escape from the TEST version.

Romethered Broken Porcelain should land on almost all gaming platforms in the summer, and the time we spent in his company made us want to see more. Because of its atmosphere and its design at first. Remothered is inspired by legends of the horror game, in a rather rare style, and was nice to see. Our TEST will confirm if the story takes the long haul, but it looks pretty good on the artistic side of the force. Level playability, the formula is close to its video-game models: Infiltration, and desperate leaks when things do not happen as we had expected. Again, the little we have seen seems solid, but all this will require confirmation. The appointment is made!


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