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The Walking Dead: The Last Episode of Michonnes Announces Rick's Return-Season Ten Review, Episode 13




This is why Michonne left TWD

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In Episode 13 of Season 10 of The Walking Dead, we had to say goodbye to Michonne. In our review of "what we will be" we reveal how you exit TWD and what Rick has to do with it.

The Walking Dead: Michigan searches for weapons but finds something completely different

The Walking Dead: Michigan is looking for weapons, but finds something completely different [Source: Eliza Morse / AMC]

"The Walking Dead" flashed back from episode 13 of season 10. We saw Michonne watching Andrea zombies fleeing Hershel's farm. However, Michonne doesn't help Andrea, but just turns away. Today, Michonne has successfully brought VIrgil to his island, the Naval Research Agency. Virgil confessed that he took Mijuna to the island to kill the zombies for him. His family was dead, but Virgil was unable to bury them because they were in a zombie house.

After Michonne took care of the zombies, Virgil advised Michonne to look for weapons only the next morning. When Michonne couldn't sleep, she looked around at night and heard a sound, but Virgil suddenly locked her. The ballots belong to three former colleagues of Virgil. They had recruited anyone seeking help on the island, but the newcomers died after a supply dispute. Virgil panicked everyone, but his family was in the house where the dead man had become a zombie.

Virgil brought Michonne's food but was still taking medication. As a result, Michonne's vision showed her what would happen if she did not help Andrea but joined the Savior. Michonne then regained consciousness, attacked Vigil and was able to release himself and his captured colleagues. Virgil ran, lighting his boat, so no one left the island. When Michonne and others found Virgil, Michonne first killed him, but then decided against it.

Michonne realized that there were no weapons on Virgins Island. But she found boots that once belonged to Rick. She then forced Virgil to take her to where he found the boots. This is a dilapidated military ship with a broken cell phone on it. The name Rick is engraved on it, and on the glass you can see photos of Michonne and Judith. Virgil doesn't know Rick, but Mischina thinks she can find Rick now.

Michonne and Virgil's colleagues drove on Rick's boat while Virgil stayed behind. On board, Michonne contacted Judith by radio and told her about her plans to find Rick. When they reached the mainland, Michonne looked for two companion zombies again, and then met a couple seeking help. They said that "they" would be without them, and when Mischina asked who they were, she saw someone, a carriage and a long line of horses in the distance. Michonne killed the zombies and helped two people in need.

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